5 QuickBooks Reports You Need to Run in January

2018 has begun. Does your accounting to-do list look like a clean slate, or are critical 2017 tasks still nagging?   Getting all of your accounting tasks done in December is always a challenge. Besides the vacation time you and your employees probably took for the holidays, there are those year-end, Let’s-wrap-it-up-by-December-31 projects. How did you do… Read More

How to Keep Your QuickBooks Data Safe

You work hard to make sure your QuickBooks data is accurate. Make sure it’s safe, too. Your QuickBooks company file contains some of the most sensitive information on your computer. You may have customers’ credit card numbers and employees’ Social Security numbers. An intruder who captured all that data could create tremendous problems for you… Read More

Need to Set Up Users in QuickBooks Online?

Your employees probably don’t need access to every corner of QuickBooks Online. Here’s how to set limits. One of the best attributes of QuickBooks Online is that multiple users can access it without having software installed on their PCs. No more paying up front for a boxed copy that you’ll store on your hard drive…. Read More

Your First Hour with QuickBooks Online

Whether you’re just launching a business or you’re going online with an existing company, take some time to get acquainted with QuickBooks Online. Your first hour with any web-based application is probably spent exploring and clicking buttons, links, and other navigation tools to get the lay of the land. QuickBooks Online should be no different…. Read More

Customizing QuickBooks Online Forms

Make a good impression on your customers by sending them well-designed sales forms. QuickBooks Online helps you create them. Your company’s “brand” can be composed of many things (and has many definitions), but it’s really about what pops into your customers’ minds when they think of you. Key components include your logo, your color scheme,… Read More

Introducing QuickBooks 2017

QuickBooks 2017 Introduction QuickBooks 2017 was built with power users in mind.  These are users that spend hours everyday in QuickBooks Desktop and do certain tasks repeatedly.  These tasks include: Creating and sending reports looking up customer and vendor information Dealing with bills and checks especially in Multi-User Mode Coordinate working with multiple users in… Read More

Can’t Keep Up with Bills? QuickBooks Online Can Help

There are more pleasant accounting tasks than paying bills, but QuickBooks Online organizes and simplifies this critical chore. How does your company keep track of its bills now? If you’re like a lot of small businesses, you’re still dealing with a lot of paper. You may have a paper or electronic calendar where you enter… Read More

Better Budgeting Using QuickBooks Online Plus

Everyone groans when budget time rolls around. QuickBooks Online Plus offers tools that simplify the process. Budget. The word evokes a sense of dread in most small business managers’ minds. Large corporations have entire teams of accountants that work on this critical element of financial planning. You, on the other hand, must go it alone… Read More

Setting Up User Access in QuickBooks

Will multiple employees be working with your QuickBooks company file? You’ll need to define their permission levels. If you ever did your bookkeeping manually, you probably didn’t allow every employee to see every sales form and account register and payroll stub. Most likely, you established a system that allowed staff to work only with information… Read More

Charging for Time in QuickBooks Online, Part 2

Last month, we talked about time-tracking setup, single-activity data entry, and user permissions. This month, we’re exploring additional time-and-billing steps. By now, you’ve set up QuickBooks Online for time tracking and entered your first timed activity. If you have employees who only need to get on the site to complete their timesheets, we showed you… Read More

Charging for Time in QuickBooks Online Plus, Part 1

You could be losing revenue if you’re not tracking billable time carefully. QuickBooks Online Plus can help. You can’t see time. Nor can you look at hours and minutes to see how many you have in inventory. But if you’re a service-based business, your income is derived from this invisible asset. Billable time needs to… Read More

Tracking Products and Services in QuickBooks Online, Part 1

Inventory management requires precision, constant attention, and smart decisions. QuickBooks Online can help. If you started small with your business, keeping track of your product inventory was probably pretty easy. Maybe you kept your stock in a few boxes or a closet, and it was easy to tell at a glance what needed replenishing. As… Read More

Use QuickBooks Custom Fields to Improve Insight

QuickBooks’ structure is universal enough to appeal to millions of small businesses. Custom fields help you shape it to meet your company’s unique needs. If you’re using QuickBooks, you probably know that you’re complying with the rules of double-entry accounting. The software is designed such that you can be compliant with these requirements without even… Read More

What You Should Know About the QBO Mobile App

QuickBooks Online’s mobile app lacks some features found in the browser-based version, but it provides mobile access to tools you may want on the road. First, it’s free (except for your mobile data plan costs). Second, it’s good. And QuickBooks Online’s mobile app offers more functionality than you might expect. Available for iOS and Android… Read More

How to Purchase and Download QuickBooks Software

  Squire and Company, PC. wants to help you with all your QuickBooks needs. Please follow the instructions below to purchase and download your QuickBooks software. The links provided here only work for those who have purchased QuickBooks software.  A valid license number and product number are required to install the software.  To purchase and download your… Read More

Use Recurring Transactions in QuickBooks Online

Save time and ensure that repeating transactions are processed as scheduled. You know how much time QuickBooks Online already saves you. Customer, vendor, and item records need never be entered again once they’re created for the first time. Pre-built forms use your record data to complete transactions quickly and accurately. Customizable report templates provide real-time… Read More

QuickBooks Online Multi-currency Update

With a growing global marketplace many companies need accounting software that supports a multicurrency environment.  The good news is that on August 12, 2015 QuickBooks released an update for QBO users to support multicurrency. This option is only available to QuickBooks Online users so here are some basic examples of manual conversion calculations.  (Exchange rates… Read More

How QuickBooks Helps You Accelerate Receivables

Getting paid by your customers in a timely fashion is one of the biggest challenges of being a business owner. QuickBooks can help in several ways. You’re meeting your sales goals. Keeping inventory balanced. Making sure that every billable hour gets invoiced. Taking advantage of vendor discounts. Basically, doing everything in your power to keep… Read More

New Tangible Property Regulations – Will your business be affected?

The IRS recently finalized mandatory regulations to distinguish capital expenditures from supplies, repairs, maintenance, and other deductible expenses – commonly known as the Repair Regulations. Every business that acquires, produces, or improves tangible property will need to address these new rules on their 2014 U.S. federal tax filing. These new rules are complex. These rules… Read More

Creating Item Records in QuickBooks

Accurate, thorough item records inform your customers and help you track inventory levels correctly. Whether you’re selling one-of-a-kind items or stocking dozens of the same kinds of products, you need to create records for each. When it comes time to create invoices or sales receipts, your careful work defining each type of item will: Ensure… Read More

Fishbowl CEO to Keynote QuickBooks Conference – Re-Blog

This is a re-blog from Fishbowl’s blog announcement written by Robert Lockard Fishbowl CEO to Keynote QuickBooks Conference Fishbowl CEO David K. Williams will be the keynote speaker at the QuickBooks Unwrapped Conference on November 19, 2014. Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse are the No. 1 selling inventory management solutions for QuickBooks users. Plus, Fishbowl has been… Read More

Customize QuickBooks’ Reports, Make Better Business Decisions

QuickBooks simplifies and speeds up your daily accounting work, but you’re missing out on valuable insight if you don’t tailor your report data. Do you remember why you started using QuickBooks? You may have simply wanted to produce sales forms and record payments electronically. Gradually, you expanded your use of the software, perhaps paying and tracking… Read More

Linking Bank Accounts and Credit Cards with QuickBooks Online

Many QuickBooks Online users spend hours every week manually inputting their bank and credit card transactions. There’s an easier and more efficient way to input transactions by linking your bank accounts and credit cards directly with QuickBooks Online. After your bank accounts and credit cards are linked to QuickBooks Online, all you need to do… Read More

24 QuickBooks Point of Sale Terms You Should Know

If you’re new to QuickBooks Point of Sale, get ready to expand your vocabulary. When you first start using QuickBooks, even if you’ve been doing manual accounting for your business, there’s a learning curve. You recognize some things, like check blanks and invoice forms, but you have to take on an unfamiliar workflow, deal with… Read More

Tallie & QuickBooks

Tallie is an automated expense tracking tool that works with QuickBooks.  No data entry required — It’s as simple as taking a picture of your receipt with your phone.  I was able to spend a good amount of time talking with Tallie at the Scaling New Heights Conference.  If you have any questions about Tallie… Read More

You’ve Subscribed to QuickBooks Payments: What Now?

You’ve just made QuickBooks portable and more flexible, and you’ll probably increase sales and get paid faster. Here’s why. QuickBooks Pro and Premier are remarkable applications. You can create records and transactions, manage sales and purchases, process your payroll, and run reports right from your desktop. But today’s successful companies have moved beyond the desktop…. Read More

8 QuickBooks Reports That You Should Be Running Regularly

QuickBooks provides dozens of customizable report templates. You know when you need some of them, but which are musts? You send invoices because you sold products and/or services. Purchase orders go out when you’re running low on inventory, and there are always bills to pay, it seems like. All of this activity is, of course,… Read More

Setting Up Payroll Schedules in QuickBooks

One of your early tasks as a payroll administrator will be to establish payroll schedules for your employees. Here’s how.   Payroll administration can be complex and time-consuming. It requires precision and tremendous attention to detail. Your employees are counting on you for their livelihood, and multiple taxing agencies expect you to submit your payments… Read More

Press Release: MSI Global Alliance Reports Strong Growth of 12% in 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Squire & Company, PC is a MSI Global Alliance Member London, 3 February 2014 MSI Global Alliance (MSI) MSI Global Alliance reports strong growth of 12% in 2013 We are pleased to announce that MSI Global Alliance (MSI) maintains its position as the 11th strongest international association according to the recently published… Read More

Reconciling Your Bank Account With QuickBooks Part II of 3

This video is a walk through the process of reconciling QuickBooks to a monthly bank statement, including: ·         How to access the QuickBooks reconciliation window ·         Entering statement date, ending balance, interest earned, and bank charges ·         Systematically matching bank statement transactions to QuickBooks transactions ·         The meaning of Cleared Balance and Difference Visit our… Read More

2013 QuickBooks Unwrapped Conference

Squire and Equinox IT Services are pleased to invite you to a mini-conference to teach you how to unwrap the power of QuickBooks!  We will be covering the latest tips, tricks, best practices and newest features of QuickBooks 2014. Focus on the topics most relevant to your business with our breakout sessions following the schedule below: Agenda… Read More

Get QuickBooks Ready for Point of Sale Integration

Don’t expect to start ringing up sales until you’ve done some prep work in QuickBooks.   Years from now, accounting industry thought leaders tell us, small business accounting will rely heavily on integration. You’ll be able to choose from best-of-breed solutions to assemble just the mix of financial functionality that your company requires.   We’re seeing the… Read More

Basic Accounting: Debits & Credits

Debits and credits are perhaps the least understood and most feared accounting concept by most accounting staff. In reality, debits and credits are fairly simple to learn and use so long as you understand their basic rules. In this short video, learn why debits and credits exist as well as simple, easy-to-remember concepts that will… Read More

Basic Accounting: Equity

Of all the different account categories, Equity is perhaps the least understood. Learn what Equity is and the basic components that are used to create it. Learn how different transactions like increases in income or expenses can affect your investment in the business. You can expect another Basic Accounting tutorial here next week. Next subject:… Read More

Basic Accounting: Balance Sheet

One of the most important reports in accounting, the balance sheet gives you a snapshot look at the health of your company. In this video, learn how to create and read a balance sheet. Also, you will learn the “Accounting Equation” a basic concept that will be important to understand as you become more involved… Read More

Your First Hour with QuickBooks Online

Intuit’s cloud-based accounting solutions get you up and running fast. QuickBooks Online has been slowly evolving for over a decade, but one thing has remained constant: simplicity. These web-based versions – built from scratch, from the ground up – are friendlier, faster and even more flexible than the desktop editions. Whether you’re using the entry-level… Read More

QuickBooks and Windows 8

As we start seeing new computers rolling out with Windows 8, the question of compatibility with new and existing software is an important one to consider, especially when that software is critical to the functionality of your business – like your accounting software. So far, it looks like the official word from Intuit is that… Read More

Three Tips to Save You Time & Money on QuickBooks Support (Part 1)

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I have had the opportunity to help many people with their QuickBooks problems. Although I’m always willing to help, I have noticed that often service calls I make could be reduced or eliminated by a few simple tips. These next few posts will be highlighting three of my favorite QuickBooks support… Read More

Is Your State Small Business Friendly?

Thumbtack.com recently released its 2012 Small Business survey. This survey evaluates states based on various topics that affect small businesses such as regulations, licensing, tax codes, and employment. Only four states received an “A+” as the friendliest states. Our congrats to Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah for being ranked as the most friendliest states. And… Read More

Free Webinar on Pivot Tables for Job Costing by the QuickBooks Wizard Chuck Vigeant

If you don’t know Chuck Vigeant, you probably know his work. Chuck is recognized as the “grandfather” of Crystal Reports and Business Intelligence for QuickBooks. He is considered the foremost expert on linking with QuickBooks and extracting and importing data. Chuck’s product QQube recently won Sleeter’s Awesome Add-on Award for its ability to interact with the database… Read More

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